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    • Post time: Jan 18 2016 Post by: Jeneney Category: Review
    • It is very useful for me to recover lost photos. I love this app.

    • Post time: Jan 18 2016 Post by: Petter Category: Review
    • I make notes on my iPhone with notes app. But I can not find my notes a week later. Luckily, I got my lost notes back with the help of iPhone data recovery software. It is an awesome tool. Thanks a lot!

    • Post time: Oct 20 2015 Post by: Patrik_PE Category: Review
    • A little disappointing. It did restore some of my data, the notes, the messages, however for some of the photos, only thumbnails can be found back. Whatever, a not bad software.

    • Post time: Oct 20 2015 Post by: D6berdeer Category: Review
    • Reliable data recovery software for iphone. I did not expect it really works. But it did.

    • Post time: Oct 20 2015 Post by: garrygrant Category: Review
    • Its not FREE if you want to recover...However the recovery is really awesome, it works to restore deleted notes. even if A little expensive but still worthy.

    • Post time: Oct 19 2015 Post by: Jennis Dan Category: Review
    • Saved my Notes! These notes are really crucial for me and I think I could not find it back at that moments. So so so many thanks. A lot.

    • Post time: Oct 19 2015 Post by: Austin J. Category: Review
    • Good jobs for iFoneMate. My little daughter deleted all my contacts on my iPhone 6. iFoneMate Recovery for iOS really worked! Thank you, Guys!

    • Post time: Oct 18 2015 Post by: Hanstan K.K Category: Review
    • Great! It did helps me a lot. My contacts were deleted just a wrong touching!!! You help us to restore them. Thank you, iFoneMate guys!

    • Post time: Sep 29 2015 Post by: Michael Category: Review
    • 1.It Allows you to choose which files excatly you'd like to recover after the scanning
      2.It only take a few minutes to scanning the data, it's pretty damn fast
      3.Once it has found the files you can choose those that only interest you
      4.Simple to use and great user interaction design.

    • Post time: Sep 29 2015 Post by: Gabiel Category: Review

    • It can retrieve my list files on computer. I mean that I did get my data back with it. And those file were all right and nothing was broken. I just wanna say that this software is really awesome. Believe it or not, I will choose it again next time if I lost my data again. Nice tool. Check it!