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Shareware - Time Limit
Price: $10.00
Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
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Price: $10.00
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gBrowser Description
gBrowser is an image browser with which you can view and browse through large collections of images as thumbnails. It's layout is based on your file system; what you see in the Finder is what you see in gBrowser (in a much more convenient way, of course).gBrowser is not for everyone. There are a myriad ways to organize one's digital photographs; gBrowser may or may not fit your personal style. I created gBrowser to fit mine since OS X seemed to be lacking in an image browser of the type I like (see The Dramatic Story Behind the App below).So what style is it? gBrowser bases its layout and display on the organization of your file system (as you see it in the Finder). There is a list of files on the left side of the window, rooted at a folder your choose (the Pictures folder is the default). Selecting folders in this file list will bring up previews of all the files in that folder in the preview pane, which fills the right hand side of the window.The previews consist of either the file's icon (if it is a non-image file or an image file whose preview thumbnail hasn't been generated yet) or a preview thumbnail of an image file. You can use this to view and organize large quantities of photos in different folders, etc.gBrowser supports multiple setups for the same user; your preferences can (in fact, should) be saved as a file which you can double-click to use the settings you like. This allows for different views of the same images (perhaps depending on what mood you're in) or different settings for different groups of images (ie. personal and work images).

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