Why do I not receive my registration code via email after purchase?

Sometimes,you may not receive your registration code after purchase. Here are reasons and solutions about this problem.

The reasons are in the following:
1. The email service rejects the unfamiliar senders so that you cannot get our email.
2. The email with register code goes to trash directly due to your email setting.
3. The email is invalid that you offered while placing an order.
4. The order you placed is unsuccessful

Here are the solutions for above reasons:
1. Please reset your email services and contact us to tell us reason and resend you the registration code
2. Please check the SPAM folder in case it has been tagged as SPAM
3. Please correct your invalid email in checkout page
A. Enter Order tracking page by clicking here
B. Input order ID and Order email to access order tracking list
C. Click Re-pay button found when your mouse is placed at payments status.
D. Correct right email in checkout page
4. Place an order on our site once again or repay your order

If you do not get registration code after you do all above, please send to support@globalshareware.com with your problem in detail.