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Website Article Directory (w/Resale Rights)

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Website Article Directory (w/Resale Rights) Description
You Can Now Run An Article Submission Site That Gets Other People To Submit Articles,

Which Builds Thousands Of Google AdSense Revenue Generating Pages Without You Lifting A Finger

Plus It Builds You An Email List At The Same Time!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

LetÂ?s face it, making money on the internet can be a little bit confusing!

ThereÂ?s no doubt that Google Adsense is a proven money maker, but getting content pages to put those ads on is probably the most difficult thing for any internet to do.

Frankly, good content is one of the few things you just canÂ?t fake.

Of course, some people will tell you can do fine without lots of new content on your site all the time.

WRONG! Just ask them how much their last Google AdSense check was for. The numbers speak for themselves.

Sure, there are lots of e-books that will teach you how to become a maestro of AdSense, and there are books on how to get content writtenÂ?but learning all that information and then trying to get content takes time.Â?a lot of it.

I mean, you practically have to give up your job and start cranking out content full-time to make it pay off.

Sound at all familiar?

But then I got an ideaÂ?

IÂ?ve gotten a ton of requests from people who want to make money with AdSense but who just donÂ?t have time to go chasing down fresh content every day. And I mean a ton. So many, in fact, that it made me think, Â?How can I automate this process?Â?

It took time, but I came up with a script that lets you run a site that solicits articles from people, post them, and puts Google ads on every single one of those puppies.

Think about itÂ?if you get 50 people submitting an article to you a day, after 100 days you have 5,000 articles, with Google ads on each oneÂ?

WeÂ?re Talking Serious Money Here!

But wait, you say, why would people submit articles to your site for free?

Well, itÂ?s pretty simple. Inside all of us is an approval-seeking being who wants to see his or her name in print.

Admit itÂ?donÂ?t you smile just a little bit when you see your name on a nameplate, or a sports roster, or in a letter to the editor?

Everybody wants to be a star.

ThereÂ?s another aspect of human nature that will make people send you free articles.

When someoneÂ?s passionate about something, whether they love it or hate it, theyÂ?ll write about it for free just to get it out there where others will see it.

But the biggest reason these people will submit these articles to your new Article Directory site is to be able to add their name and link back to their site at the bottom of every article!

They know these articles will be copied from your article site and used by hundreds or even thousands of other people all the while getting their name and resource box links spread all an out the internet!

So what my script does is take advantage of human nature.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isnÂ?t if you have the right tool.

The best part is while all of this is going on- other people are building your massive site for you, a little bit at a time just like the search engines like it!

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