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Tampa Elements v1.0

Shareware - Time Limit
Price: Free
Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
553 K (file size)
Price: Free
Tampa Elements v1.0 Description
Screensaver with hand drawn and painted images of different aspects of Florida. overtime, we have used various different hand drawn and painted images as graphic elements on our web site and in other associated promotional content. because a lot of people showed interest in these we thought it might be a nice idea to release them in the form of a screensaver. the screensaver features various different aspects of Florida. There are some architectural elements featured and also some more natural features which range from animals to landscapes.

This screensaver will run on any computer that has a Windows-based operating system and it is extremely easy to install. All you have to do once you have downloaded the file is double click on the icon to begin the installation process. Once installed you will find the screensaver as an option by going to your screensaver menu. from there, all you have to do is select it as your default options there. Once you have done so you will find that it activates itself after your default period of time and to be managed in exactly the same way as any other screensaver that came preinstalled on your computer.

In an attempt to allow the widest possible number of people to utilize our screensaver we have made every effort to keep the download file size small sows to keep this screensaver accessible to people who are using dial-up connections. Despite the attention of the detail of keeping the file size down, the images are still of high quality as it was important to us that the resolution was maintained as well. We will also be releasing other ranges of images that we have previously used as graphic elements as screensavers in the near future. If you have any interest in the subject of our web site or if youre interested in more information about this existing screeds ever any future releases please feel free to visit us at our web site.

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