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Patience Medici 3.401 Lite

Shareware - Time Limit
Price: Free
Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
Unknown (file size)
Price: Free
Patience Medici 3.401 Lite Description
Unlike other card game, solitaire Medici, according to legend, you can manage the future instead of guessing about it. This is one of the most secretive and mysterious techniques of cards, until recently, used only a narrow range of European aristocracy. However, the advent of powerful computers and the Internet has made this knowledge widely available. For the first time you can join the management secrets of their own fate to all who want it. Did you know that you are the heir to the vast inheritance?Thousands of years it is waiting for you come and take advantage of them. That legacy - the knowledge of our distant ancestors. Those who built the magnificent temples and flew into space long before that story, that is in modern textbooks. Shards of knowledge are scattered in the modern religions and books. This Atlantean knowledge about how the world works and how to manage them.They enjoyed the most distinguished and rich in history. Now it can be you. Of course, all this sounds too fantastic to resemble the truth. However, we live in an amazing time when miracles are not only a reality, but also commonplace. However, consider the facts: 1) thousands of years, mystics and philosophers of all nations diligently studying the Tarot and Kabbalah as a universal philosophical system that would give clues about the surrounding world. Also it is well known that there is a developed system of divination by Tarot cards, allowing an experienced actually know any events past, present or future. Facts about the work of professionals rather well known, and thousands of fortune-telling parlors in varying degrees, successfully operating throughout the world. 2) However, few know that in the 15 century famous medieval mystic John Dee, with the permission of cartridges, gave the world much more than Tarot divination. He gave the then queen of France Marie de Medici management techniques future events with the card. Later, this technique has gone into history as Solitaire Medici. This patience allows guessing, namely, to manage events in the future mode of so-called "makroprogrammirovaniya" events. This patience was hundreds of years the secret weapon of the aristocracy of Europe. For example, Catherine the Great, according to legend, she married Peter 1 through this game. We have thousands of enthusiasts, dozens of sites to work on this topic throughout the world and succeed in varying degrees. 3), however, manually fold solitaire Medici is almost impossible, at the same Catherine the Great, he formed over a lifetime of 3 times. In addition, the very form of Solitaire Medici came very little data. Currently theme Solitaire Medici is widely being discussed on the Internet. Links to sites dealing with this topic is quite easy to find in search engines by entering the keyword phrase "Patience Medici.

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