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Noodlenet ... Safe Internet For Kids

Shareware - Time Limit
Price: $39.99
Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
Unknown (file size)
Price: $39.99
Noodlenet ... Safe Internet For Kids Description

NoodleNet is a computer program that creates a safe desktop and online environment for children to learn, play and explore. The secure, gated community has simple controls for parents and age-appropriate content for children.


While the internet is a great place to learn, play, and explore, there are places that are unsafe for children. A safe NoodleNet desktop and online experience means more than having an anti-virus, anti-spam or parental controls software program.

Â? Access only to approved websites and links Â? Pop-up ads are stopped Â? Banner ads can not be clicked through Â? Select child-safe search engines for homework and research projects


NoodleNet is pre-configured so your children can be using the completely safe NoodleNet environment within minutes. If you decide to change any of the settings to meet your familyÂ?s specific needs, a few clicks does the job.

Â? Quickly add additional websites and links Â? Easily add access to favorite programs or games Â? Keep personal folders and files off limits Â? Select child-safe search engines for homework and research projects Â? Unapproved links on an approved website cannot be clicked through


Approved websites and links are continually reviewed to ensure NoodleNet is tailored to the developmental and educational interests of young children. The content is carefully searched by people, not technology, and then categorized by age and subject matter.

Â? An interface that changes and grows with children as they get older Â? Websites and links dynamically delivered to your children based on what is appropriate for their age How Is NoodleNet Different?

Keeping bad stuff away from your children and keeping them from getting to bad stuff is a key feature of NoodleNet. Children can freely explore the exciting content in NoodleNet and you can be confident in the quality of what they will see. Your child is prevented from accessing your personal files on the computer. Your computer will resume in the safe NoodleNet environment if it is restarted, either accidentally or intentionally.

The safe NoodleNet environment provides: Websites pre-screened by child development experts Protected desktop for your computer Keyboard controlled to limit child exit without parental approval Auto restart into the safe NoodleNetÂ? environment Child-safe search engines Filtering to prevent leaving approved websites

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