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Guardian Storage

Shareware - Time Limit
Price: $24.95
Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
Unknown (file size)
Price: $24.95
Guardian Storage Description
Guardian Storage is a program to protect and organize your files. In this digital age, where viruses are rampant and where terabytes of vital information are stored on hard drives, a means of protecting this data is necessary. Companies suffer from data loss climbing to billions of dollars annually, and corporate efforts to thwart these attacks are either stagnant or have failed. Guardian Storage changes this and provides an easy and powerful solution for home and business users who are consistently paranoid of security breaches.

Key Features

* Pseudo-file system built on top of NTFS
* 100% securely protected and hidden data. Hackers won't even be able to find your files!
* Choose between a simple drag & drop interface or a file browser to import files
* Import multiple files at once
* If a folder is imported, Guardian Storage will automatically recursively loop through the entire directory to import all files inside the folder (and any subfolders)
* Files are so well hidden, the size of the file(s) will not be registered on Windows®! Support for virtually any file type! Execution of files are handled by the default viewer!
* Files (even if executed with the default viewer) will not be registered in the MRU (Most Recently Used documents list); thus, your privacy is ensured.
* Built-in secure shredder! Never pay additional money for file shredding programs again! Windows® does not correctly delete files even when it appears to have done so. Traces of the files are still left behind. Guardian Storage completely overwrites the file before deleting it.
* Tired of searching through hundreds of nested folders to find one simple document? Guardian Storage does away with folders and introduces tags! Tags are a method of categorizing your files for quick and easy access. Files can contain more than one tag!
* All encrypted data uses 256-bit AES Rijndael encryption. This encryption algorithm is the current US Government standard for encryption and will take millions of years to crack!
* For extra security, Guardian Storage allows you to "lock" files with a password to prevent execution of the file.
Do you have thousands of files located on your hard drive? Is the Windows® search too slow? Guardian Storage uses BlitzProbe to find your files instantly! Literally enter your search term and Guardian Storage will return results within seconds!

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