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AutoMatting 1.0 for Windows

Shareware - Time Limit
Price: $49.95
Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA
11.75 M (file size)
Price: $49.95
AutoMatting 1.0 for Windows Description

The Problem: Final images delivered to the clients by photographers tend to be large and difficult to display quickly by the customer.  Often thousands of images are captured.  The client needs to rapidly view images to be used in a photo book or for distribution to others.  In addition to the long time to render and display large images on a typical computer display, the aspect ratio of the monitor is not the same as the typical 3x2 aspect ratio of the images.  When a set of vertical (Portrait) images is mixed in with the horizontal (Landscape) images, the computer display program cannot display both images the same size.  The result is a vertical image that is smaller than the horizontal ones and has two large black bars on either side; while the horizontal images have smaller black bars on the top and bottom in a letterbox style display.  When images are viewed quickly, as they need to be to see the total set from a large photo shoot, the effect is one of flashing irregular images with different sizes in front of the viewer with the aesthetic look and feel.

The Solution:  AutoMatting automatically creates a unique mat for each image which is designed to make the photographer's work more attractive and appealing to the customer in a slideshow or viewing mode. AutoMatting customizes the output to a user specified display or TV screen format. Each mat is unique and is generated with color and image content from the image that it surrounds.  Colors and texture from the source image are extended into the mat for a pleasing effect, including a border and colored core extracted from the image by finding a strong color to match.  The effect is one of consistently sized images with colorful mats that accentuate the elements of the image while displaying rapidly on the wide screen TV or computer monitor. Colors in the images are complimented by the colors supporting them in the mat.  The matted images will appear sharper than the original images.


AutoMatting operates in a batch mode and provides a folder of images with unique mats.  Each mat contains the colors from the image and uses a lighting technique to create a unique beveled edge for your mat. 

The benefits are:

  • Consistently sized horizontal and vertical images with no black bars on the monitor

  • Faster display on the TV or computer screen

  • Beautiful mats that extend the image onto the mat and enhances the image 

  • Each mat is unique with colors and patterns extracted from the image  

  • A color coordinated core (or bevel cut) with color extracted from the image 

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